Guillotine Cutting
Offering quick turnaround on cutting on one of our four guillotines. NC programmable metal shearing for light sheet metal and heavy plate up to 16mm thick and 3600mm long. Still the most economical way of cutting basic shapes quickly and precisely. Large selection of metals available ready to cut, including part sheets for smaller jobs.
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Profile Cutting
Competitive pricing on laser and water cutting for a wide range of materials up to 25mm thick, including mild steel, aluminum, stainless brass, and copper. We use world-leading nesting software, Sigmanest, to ensure the best usage of our sheet sizes. 2D and 3D cad files accepted.
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Cost-effective metal punching up to 16mm plate. Able to punch slots, louvers, and holes to a standard aperture or perforate to an architectural design from our library or per your design specs. Turret punching is well suited to large production runs, is very precise, and is a lot quicker and cutting repetitive holes or shapes than laser cutting.
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Using the latest in CNC technology for quick and cost-effective metal folding of heavy plate and higher tensile plates up to 5m in length. Workshop equipped with 6 hydraulic press brakes, 3 manual hand brakes, and a large library of tooling for radius folding and difficult profiles.
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Steel, Aluminum, Stainless, Brass, and Copper welding for commercial and private projects using a variety of welding machines and techniques, including TIG, MIG, Arc, and resistance spot welding in our full fabrication workshop. Precision jobs are done on our welding jig table – 3600mm x 1200mm, for efficient and accurate positioning of unique and large scale jobs.
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Priest Sheetmetal & Plate Christchurch provides high-quality and cost-effective metal fabrication solutions for commercial and personal projects. For 65 years, we have been Canterbury’s experts in heavy plate and sheet metal profile cutting, cold forming, metal punching, welding and CAD drawing and design. No matter what your trade, we work with you to get the job done right.
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CAD Drawing & Design
We use Autocad to help you with your 2D and 3D SolidWorks drawings and modeling projects. We have With over 63 years of experience in improving the quality of designs, creating manufacturing databases, and storing design data for quick accessibility, we are experts in planning and design.
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Industrial & Architectural Sheetmetal & Plate Services
No matter what your trade or industry, we get the job done right. We are well-versed in a variety of project types – flashings, panelings, toolboxes, splash backs, ramping, manhole covers, balustrades, tanks, brackets, cyclones, architectural, framing, stairways, custom-sized angle iron and much more.
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Plate & Flange Rolling
Plate forming and rolling of SHS, RHS, Pipe, and Tubes up to 6mm x 2400mm in length. Precise rolling of flat bar or extrusions, rolling tubes and pipes, to form mark-free curves, flanges, and coils, without distortion.
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Steel Suppliers
We carry a comprehensive range of metals for one-off small jobs to commercial wholesale quantities. Mild Steel, Corten, Aluminium, Galvanized, Stainless, Copper, Brass, Zincallume, Colour steel, and so much more!
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